Saturday, March 9, 2013

Convention Update: And The Leader Is...

By a very tight margin, of 44 votes, the new leader of the Saskatchewan NDP is Saskatoon-Massey Place MLA. Cam Broten.

Broten edged out first ballot leader, Ryan Meili, as mentioned by a mere 44 votes; which shows that the bulk of Trent's supporters found their way into Cam's camp. Cam's speech thanked his fellow candidates, emphasizing the roles he hopes all of them will play in the next election and the hopes of seeing them all in the front bench in the next NDP caucus and government.

Cam also appealed to non-supporters, calling on the need for their vision in shaping the future of the party.

And so wraps up the 2013 NDP Leadership campaign, which truly did prove to be a nail biter of a race up until the very end.

I'll have some full thoughts on what this means for the future on Sunday, and then the blog will shift back to covering mor than just the leadership race in the days to follow. But for now, a hearty congratulations to Cam Broten on his victory; and a huge thank you to all the candidates who made this race what is was, and who contributed their ideals, dreams and vision for Saskatchewan's future.

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