Monday, February 4, 2013

Campaign Update: Trent Wotherspoon

And on wards to Trent Wotherspoon. Trent continues to gather endorsements from both former candidates, caucus members, and party members. Among the 'featured' endorsements would be that from Glenn Hagel, LINK, though you can look at all of the endorsements that are flowing in by heading to the campaign website. LINK

In addition to that, Trent used the cold weather in the province to launch a 'fuel the fire' fundraising campaign that urged supporters to reflect on the cold digits and pledge donations of 21 dollars. The campaign seemed to work well, as it managed to reach its goal in only a few days, and we should we what impact that has on Trent's overall campaign finances once we see some newer financial reports in the months ahead.

On top of that, in his role as finance critic, Trent has been the party's go-to-man on the rather odd case of treatment the provincial auditor received in the latest committee meeting. While it might not sound like an issue that could capture the imagination of the people of the province, in the same way that Cam's work on refugee health care did, it's an important issue. Furthermore, the idea that the SK Party is trying to pass of the behaviour as rookie MLAs simply confused to the role of the auditor, allows Trent to showcase some of the experience he's gained in his time as an MLA. LINK

Trent also took some time out this week to celebrate Chinese New Years in Regina.

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