Sunday, February 10, 2013

Campaign Update: Ryan Meili

Ryan's Website:

Best laid plans...No discussion of the debates for now, due to losing the bulk of my weekend. So, we will talk a bit about Ryan's democratic renewal statement. In keeping with our newest way of covering these items, the link above will take you to the release and you can read it in full there.

So, we shall instead talk about what stands out from the announcement.

I see two things worth talking about here, and that revolves around the plan to double party membership by 2015 and to retire the party debt.

Like a few of his more recent announcements, this update doesn't provide any concrete plans and detailed methods, but instead is a sort if guiding document that talks about the ends without focusing too much in the means. Furthermore, these two objectives draw on Ryan's own experience within the campaign.

While I don't think any official membership numbers by leadership candidate have come out (if they have, I haven't seen them), there is a common perception that Ryan is the candidate who has signed up the most new members. On top of which, Ryan's fundraising machine has consistently outperformed his competitors in the campaign.

It's a strong argument then that Ryan is trying to frame himself as the party's best chances at continuing to drive membership and fundraising dollars. Whether or not Ryan could continue to be successful in that regard as a leader is one of those remains to be seen questions, but he has certainly established a good track record during the campaign.

I think it's an ambitious plan to set the membership goal, especially considering the backlash that could follow if Ryan becomes leader and the membership goal falls short (which could be used a fodder by both the SK Party and 'dissenters' in the ranks), but it is certainly an interesting approach.

In other Ryan news, he picked up an endorsement from Alex Taylor (a former Blakney cabinet minister) and from fellow blogger Greg Fingas.

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Aaron Genest said...

Hi Scott. I'm pretty sure that doubling party membership in two years is achievable. It would require some commitment, but the mechanisms of outreach and engagement, especially with youth and younger voters, are fairly entrenched in the work the Meili campaign has been doing.