Monday, February 4, 2013

Campaign Update: Ryan Meili

Due to some increased time constraints on my schedule, we're going to modify the way the blog reports on some of the campaign announcements. Up until now I've put the details of the plans release on this page, while also providing a link to the announcements. We're going to simplify, and continue to use the links, but cut out the reposting of the information.

We'll continue to talk about the policy issues that stand out, and some light thoughts on it, but we'll leave the actual bulk of the policy release to the campaign websites.

So, we'll start by finally addressing some of the Ryan Meili policy releases that I've fallen behind on talking about.

Since the post will be a little compacted, we'll address the three newest policies in this single post.

We'll start with Ryan's proposal on Justice. Ryan's website: LINK

In keeping with the bulk of his announcements, Ryan's statement on justice calls attention to his themes of evidence-based policy and the social determinants of health. And while there aren't direct policy planks in the announcement, it does a good job highlighting some of the facts about crime and the criminal justice system that increase rather than decrease crime.

We'll move on to Ryan's First Nations and Meits policy. Ryan's website: LINK

One of the things that sticks out is Ryan's comments on revenue sharing with First Nations in the province. He rightly calls attention to the fact that the idea failed in the last election due to party underdeveloping the policy and allowing it to be defined by the SK Party for their own goals (a fact I've been talking about on the blog since the last election, so clearly, I'm happy to hear one of the leadership candidates follow this line of thought). Ryan seems to have a commitment to revenue sharing, but achieving it in a way that calls for better preparation and consultation, in order to have a clearly designed plan that can't be hijacked and manipulated by the other side.

Finally, Ryan expanded on his much mentioned idea of SaskPharm, through a link to an article he wrote about it. CMJ website: LINK 

In addition to the lower cost of generic drugs that SaskPharm would generate, it's a bit more interesting to focus on the other outcomes that Ryan's plan predicts. In particular, the idea that such a crown corporation (driven by public good over profit), would generate new research, new drugs, and free up provincial dollars for investment in other areas is an interesting approach. I still haven't seen the Weyburn and Battlefords debates, so hopefully this comment is able to ring true, but I think it's something we haven't heard much about when Ryan mentions SaskPharm.

While cheaper generic drugs may be enough by itself to sell people on the idea, I think focusing on the other positive aspects it could generate deserve some serious mention when the idea is brought up.

That should cover it, for now, for the update on the Ryan Meili campaign. Expect some more updates on the other candidates to follow.

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Scott said...

And of course, while writing this and working on the other candidate profiles, some more news comes out on the Ryan Meili front.

Ryan's scored the endorsement of NDP MP Libby Davies; which marks, I believe, the 2nd endorsement from a sitting Member of Parliament (the other being Niki Ashton).