Monday, February 4, 2013

Campaign Update: Erin Weir

On the Erin Weir campaign front, the campaign picked up the endorsement from two former elected officials in Saskatchewan; MLA Evan Carlson and MP Ron Fisher. For a full list of elected officials who have endorsed Erin, current and former, you can check out Erin's website here: LINK

Erin's also continued to keep up some pressure on the economic front by calling attention to PotashCorp's profits for the last quarter and the total amount of tax and royalties paid at the same time. Again, Erin does a better job of explaining it then I can, so it's worth taking a look at the campaign's website for a clearer picture regarding this issue. Erin's website: LINK

In addition that, Erin continues his travels around the province, making a stop in Meadow Lake and receiving some news coverage there. Meadow Lake Progress Paper: LINK

That should be the bulk of the most current news, but as always, if I've missed something the comment box is open.

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leftdog said...

I am going to say here what I have already said on my own blogsite. Erin Weir continues to ask the hardest questions of any of the leadership candidates. The ultimate downfall of the Wall administration will end up being as a result of failed economic policy and practices. Weir is the best equipped of all the candidates to articulate alternative economic and fisal strategy for the province.