Monday, February 4, 2013

Campaign Update: Cam Broten

The major announcement, which could have some interesting implications on the rest of the leadership race, is the word that Massey Place (Cam's constituency) now has the most NDP members of all the constituencies in the province. I don't believe the exact numbers have come out, I believe it was somewhere in the neighbourhood of 500+, and we'll find out more when the campaigns release some more details on their membership drives.

Cam has also continued to receive numerous endorsements from levels of people involved with the NDP, including one from former SK NDP Director of Organization  John Tzupa.

Cam's campaign has also modified one of his grandfather's CCF campaign posters to be a bit more reflective of the current race; LINK It seems the retro themed poster design has caught on, given that Ryan's campaign has also released a poster which has some similar elements (I'm not a graphic designer, but they do strike me as similar...[waits for actual designers to come and shoot down this idea]) LINK. I don't think we need to focus on who put out which poster first, though it has been pointed out by Jason that Ryan's poster was the first one out of the gate.

In addition to all that, Cam has been making the most of highlighting some of the policy planks that he released when he first entered the race. He's been calling the most attention to his plans for stronger democracy in within the party (LINK), and long-term policy decisions in government.(LINK)

That should cover it for the candidate updates for now; and when I find a bit more time, (possibly this weekend) we'll try and get some notes up about the Weyburn and Battleford debates.


Jason Hammond said...

Hey Scott,

I know you say it's not important who went "retro" first but it *is* important to be accurate, especially with a detail which is very easy to fact check.

So I gotta correct you - Ryan was actually the first candidate to put out a retro poster, not Cam.

Cam did have the actual poster of his grandpa on his site when his campaign launched. But the retro version with his face inserted (I note he didn't go "all in" and make his face the same shade of green as his grandpa's!) was posted on January 29, a full week after Ryan posted his first retro-style poster.

A quick check of the photo albums on each candidate's FB page gives the dates:

Ryan (Jan 22) -

Cam (Jan 29) -

There are two posters, each featuring the candidate's head, that are similar which is maybe what you are referring to. In that case, Ryan's was also posted on January 29th ( but again, this is clearly part of an ongoing series, not a one-off as Cam's appears to be.

Anyhow, you are correct that the idea did catch on. But I think it's fairly clear that Cam copied an idea that Ryan was the first to utilize and continues to utilize to great effect, not just to evoke an ancestor to but actually illustrate his policies and vision.

Anyhow, I've posted corrections a couple times on my own blog when an error was pointed out. Not sure on your policy but you may want to make a correction in the text of the post as I doubt many people read comments.


Scott said...

I thought everyone read comments, that where the most intrigue happens! lol

Well, my own Facebook check failed me in terms of finding the dates. In fairness, I did say I thought Cam came first, but it would seem I stand corrected.

Thanks for clearing up the issue.