Saturday, January 5, 2013

Campaign Update: General Overview

Well, now that we've entered 2013 to the best of our abilities, I think it's high time we got the blog rolling again.

As promised, we will take a closer look at the most recent policy proposals brought forward by Ryan Meili, but for now we will take a greater overview with regards to all of the campaigns.

We'll start with Cam Broten.

In addition to picking up a few more endorsements, notably from former Speaker of the Legislative Assembly John Brockelbank, Cam's campaign has planned a Pub Night here in Saskatoon on the 10th. The pub night is taking place at community favourite haunt, Amigos, starting at 7pm. I'm planning to be in attendance, and hopefully life stays out of the way to permit it, and hopefully we'll have some things to talk about afterwards.

Moving on to Erin Weir.

Erin's campaign has spent the first part of 2013 calling attention to Erin's work on provincial and national employment numbers (through a variety of news sources which include snippets from Erin, they can be found here: Star Phoenix, CBC, Toronto Star), continuing the campaign's trend of being the rabble-rouser to the governments currently in power. 

Next to Trent Wotherspoon.

Trent spent the latter half of 2012 by continuing to hit the roads and visit as many communities throughout the province as he could. Trent's campaign seemed to focus this leg of the journey on the Northwest corner of the province, including stops in Meadow Lake and North Battleford. Trent also had the chance to meet with the province's Treaty Commissioner. 

Finally, a bit on Ryan Meili,

Ryan's campaign has released some more campaign proposals, focusing housing and a First Nations & Metis policy being worked on, which we will look at closer in the next set of posts. In addition to that, Ryan is keeping a busy schedule in January with quite a few events. From a French-centric event in Saskatoon on the 11th, a Music based fundraiser on the 20th also in Saskatoon, and a membership push event in Regina on the 22nd. 

And of course, there are 5 scheduled party debate and forums throughout the month as well. The first takes place in Rosetown on the 12th; then Weyburn on the 19th; a Brunch and Open House hosted by the party's Rainbow Pride wing on the 20th in Regina; a Battlefords debate on the 24th; and the final debate of the month will be in Yorkton on the 31st. 

All in all, it's looking like a busy month, and hopefully that translates into lots for us to talk about here on the blog.

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