Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Campaign Update: December's Financials

 Financial Reports: LINK

Another month in the leadership campaign down means another chance to take a look at some financial report numbers.

Obviously, the big story coming out of the most recent pack of numbers is the tremendous month that Ryan Meili's campaign had for December. Ryan has consistently led the pack in terms of the amount taken in, but his campaign has outdone themselves by raising a whopping $29,548.45 in the month of December. In addition to setting a record amount in the leadership this far, this performance has also allowed Team Meili to slide into the position of campaign with the most cash on hand after expenditures; a title that was previously held in the previous months by Cam Broten.

So, after the expenditures we can take a closer look at where the campaigns stand financially. As stated, Ryan's camp has the most cash on hand with $28,456.29 after expenditures. They're followed by Cam with $15,347.76 on hand; then Erin with $7,293.97; and Trent rounds out the pack, still suffering from his first month deficit spending, with negative $2,952.56.

What's also interesting is to take a look at how fundraising has changed from month to month. For example, while Trent may be in a deficit position, he and Ryan were the only two candidates to increase their fundraising take from the previous month. Ryan raised $17,500.63 more in December, while Trent also increased his take by $852.38.

At the same time, Cam and Erin saw decreases in the amounts raised for December than what they were in November. Erin saw a drop of $1,629, while Cam saw a drop of $8,367.65.

As I've stated before on the blog, it's hard to draw a clear picture from fundraising to translate into direct support (and there's other factors to consider), but I think we can take one clear takeaway from December's numbers: And that is the strength in Ryan's campaign organization. There were murmurs about Ryan's campaign infrastructure, and whether his political machine was still in peak condition after the last leadership, and I think this month clearly shows that the machine is alive and well.

However, it is premature to start writing any leadership hopeful obituaries, as it is the smaller stories behind the larger one that show that this race is still far from over. I think as it stands, each candidate has a place of strength in terms of their fundraising (whether that is cash on hand, or the perceived ability to increase cash on hand).

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