Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Campaign Update: Latest News

A quick overview with regards to the last few major news headlines to come from the leadership campaign; while I'd usually do this in individual posts, I think there's not quite enough to justify four individual posts so we'll just do one major post covering all of the campaigns.

We'll start with Ryan Meili. Ryan released his education and childcare platform last week, which we talked about HERE, and also picked up an endorsement from the UFCW.

Erin Weir picked up an endorsement from the IBEW, and has also spent some time directly challenging Premier Wall to come forward and talk about what the federal approval of the Nexen takeover means for Saskatchewan. LINK

Trent Wotherspoon hosted a sold-out campaign event in Regina this weekend, and also picked up an endorsement Iron Workers 711.

Cam Broten also scored an endorsement from fellow NDP caucus member Cathy Sproule, member for Saskatoon-Nutana.

A lot of endorsements have been the bulk of the news coming out of the campaigns in the last few weeks, and I'm wary to mention the bulk of them for fear of missing one, so I'll just stick with the ones that have been listed above. I've been thinking of doing an editorial reflecting on endorsements, and I do plan on doing one, but that's to come in the future.

Also, as we're looking ahead, we'll see some reflections on the remaining debates that have occurred since we last talked about the one in Swift Current.

Hopefully, this more or less covers the big ticket items that have occurred as we approach the lull that will occur over the holiday season with the leadership race. If I've missed anything that really should be talked about, please let me know in the comments.

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Scott said...

*This post as been edited due to it being brought to my attention that only a member of the Rail Teamsters had endorsed Trent, not the whole organization.

As such, that section has been removed; let's blame it on crossed connections here on my end, and hopefully, it wasn't too large of an error.