Saturday, November 10, 2012

Weekend Campaign Update

As I fear I will lack the motivation to do a post tomorrow, I think we'll just get it out of the way and over with now.

We'll start with Trent Wotherspoon, who as noted earlier today, released his environmental platform plank.

Cam Broten was in Prince Albert this week, and took time to meet with the University of Saskatchewan Student's Union. Cam, along with fellow candidate Ryan Meili, also took time to remember Howard Willems and the current motion in the legislature to get Asbestos filled buildings noted in a public directory.

Ryan Meili has been on the far east coast, spending time in Halifax, St. John's and New York, continuing a bit of his book tour that had started earlier this year. He's also taken the time to condemn the SK Party's recent move to approval privately-run for profit liquor stores in the province.

Finally, Erin Weir has been keeping calling attention to his potash loophole policy by pointing out the level of taxes paid by Agrium this last year. Erin's also been making note of how often his name seems to come up inside the legislature these past couple of weeks.

In addition to these, and stepping out of the leadership race for a moment, the SK Party has released some new ads highlighting their 'plan for growth'. They seem to be really taking a page from the Harper-Con Playbook with their ad purchases outside of an election cycle...It's a lot less ominous than the one put out by the party against the NDP Leadership candidates, and it serves a good reminder to all of us watching Saskatchewan politics unfold.

Much like Harper, it seems Wall envisions a future where political campaigning never stops. And much like the federal Liberals found out very painfully, you have to be ready to define yourself before someone else defines you. We've got a good slate of four candidates, and I think any of them should do quite well in terms of defining their own role in Sask Politics, but we do need to keep in mind that this race is just the beginning of a much longer run.

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