Monday, November 26, 2012

Third Debate: Trent Wotherspoon

As per the last round of individual reviews, I'm including this disclaimer. I'm worried some of this might sounder harsher than I mean it to. I want to assure you all that I am by no means belittling or attacking any of the candidates; rather, I'm offering my perceived take and ways to address what I see as problems from the first debate. If I offend anyone, I offer my apologies ahead of time, and assure you that my intention was not to offend; I suppose it is hard to discuss legitimate criticism, but I feel that we need to in order to really get the best out of our candidates.


1.) Like Cam, I thought Trent managed to loosen up a lot more during this debate and also managed to sneak a bit more humour into this debate than he did in Regina.

2.)Also, while talking about improvements from the first debate, I thought Trent did a much better job at staying on topic in this debate and he stayed away from trying to fit all his answers within the education-inequality scope. It's allowing him to show off more of his platform and the policy he's crafted, which is always a good thing.

3.) Trent also came across very cordial with the other candidates on stage; his chance to ask questions of the other candidates was very much taken on the high road, and he continues to be one of the candidates who is always quick to acknowledge a good point raised by another.


1.) Like Ryan, I think Trent reused the bulk (if not all) of his closing statement from Regina. Again, this is a missed opportunity to start raising more issues and crafting your argument for the home audience. Trent did well at expanding on his platform planks during the debate, and this would have been a good place to fit in a few more of those planks that weren't discussed.

2.) Trent is one candidate who always seems to have a bit of trouble crafting his answers within the time limit. I know it speaks to the passion he has for particular issues that he has so much to say about them, but I think he would benefit (and the audience would as well) through a better crafting of keywords and phrases to get across before the moderator cuts the mic.

Areas for Growth

Like Ryan, I think Trent needs to work a bit more at modifying and using his closing statements to a fuller effect. We've got a long debate schedule ahead of us, and I think some difference in the statements at each would be enhance his policy proposals and help members see where Trent stands on a variety of issues. Also, getting his answers down to the bare bones to ensure that he's getting all of his words heard by the audience when he responds would be a plus.

Final Thoughts

Again, I think Trent showed great improvement in this debate when compared to the first. He was more relaxed and was able to let a bit of his care-free side come across, which I think will resonate well with those in attendance. I think there's still a bit of room to start promoting some of the other planks in his campaign's platform, but he took a good step in this debate in approaching numerous topics with ease.

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