Monday, November 26, 2012

Third Debate: Cam Broten

*A previous entry of this post had it listed as the Second Debate; while it is true that it is the second debate the blog is reviewing, it is the third debate between the candidates. As such, we shall update it to reflect the party schedule.

As per the last round of individual reviews, I'm including this disclaimer. I'm worried some of this might sounder harsher than I mean it to. I want to assure you all that I am by no means belittling or attacking any of the candidates; rather, I'm offering my perceived take and ways to address what I see as problems from the first debate. If I offend anyone, I offer my apologies ahead of time, and assure you that my intention was not to offend; I suppose it is hard to discuss legitimate criticism, but I feel that we need to in order to really get the best out of our candidates.


1.) Cam seemed a more at ease than he did during the first debate, and I noticed an increased use in humour as well. 

2.) Cam did very well at staying on message and highlighting the key points that he's been campaigning on since entering the race.

3.) Cam's closing argument stayed pretty close to the statement he used in Regina (he wasn't the only candidate to reuse their statement), with the exception that it included a section about rebuilding the province as well as the party; which was something I felt he lacked in Regina, and it's good to see it included here.


1.) One thing I noticed, and perhaps its just because it's now I imagine the third time it has happened, is that Cam does seem to be a bit visibly frustrated when challenged by Erin. I suppose it doesn't help that it's on the same issues each time, but I thought I saw a bit of a flash of frustration during the debate when challenged by Erin. 

2.) Also, during Cam's closing statement, I noticed a slight moment where his words sort of got away from him towards the end. It's not a major problem, as having a time limit and trying to stay on message can fluster the best of us, but it was just an observation that he didn't quite stick the last few sentences of his statement. Of course, Cam did mention that he seemed to be fighting a cold, so perhaps that might have been what caused this slight hiccup; if so, then I suppose we can ignore this point.

Areas for Growth 

Cam showed marked improvement from the first debate in terms of staying personable and using humour. I think the one area that he can expand on is highlighting more of his experience as an MLA and as the co-chair of the Policy Review. Another thing Cam might want to work on is being ready to deal with the challenges coming from Erin Weir; as I noted, there was a moment where I thought I could read the frustration through his expression. While it's good that Cam kept his cool, I think he needs to come up with an effective retort since it's now plainly obvious that Erin is going to continue to keep the other candidates (and particularly for some reason Cam's) feet to the fire.

Final Thoughts

I think Cam had a better showing in this debate than he did in the first. He was concise, kept on message, and managed not to be thrown for a loop by an aggressive challenger. Having said that, though, Cam would benefit from finding a method to if not stop the challenges being leveled at him, at the very least defuse them from being repeated in future debates. Whether that is a strong rebuke, or a turn of the tables, is up to the campaign; but they need to find an effective way of dealing with it.

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