Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Campaign Update: Trent Wotherspoon

 Trent's Website: LINK

Another release from Trent's campaign this week, as they revealed the policy platform revolving around Democracy in Saskatchewan. So, let's have a look at it.

The first plank revolves around increasing transparency and accountability. Trent's plan calls for a backing of the removal of union and corporate donations to political parties, while also maxing personal contributions at $1,000 and establishing a per-vote subsidy; increase open government by making information, such as land sales, available on the internet and updating the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy act as advised by the Privacy Commissioner; and adopt summary accounting practices to provide accuracy, transparency, and clarity regarding the province's finances.

The second plank is about modernizing political involvement. Trent's plan calls for the development of a youth voting strategy throughout high schools, colleges, universities, and broader communities to enfranchise youth and inform them more about civic responsibility; also study the possibility of lowering the voting age from 18 to 16; making it easier for people to vote by expanding advanced voting and placing polling stations in easily accessible areas (shopping malls, universities, high schools, senior centres, apartment & condo complexes, and First Nations reserves.)

The final plank is about engaging minorities across the province. Trent's plan calls for the reversal of the SK Party's cuts to the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission, especially with regard to the LGBT2Q community; appointing ministers responsible for LGBT2Q equality and Status of Women; establish a non-partisan commission designed to encourage more women, youth, LGBT2Q, visible minorities and First Nations to run for political office; re-establish annual youth summits to hear concerns from youths and advise the government on youth related policy; hold an annual meeting between the provincial government and the Federation of Saskatchewan Indians Nations leaders; formally endorse the UN declaration of the Rights of Indigenous People.

Again, a lot of interesting ideas here to take a look at. As always, I shall select one that stands out the most, and I think that has to be developing a plan to foster youth involvement in politics. I was about 13 or so when my love of politics kicked in, so I know the importance of getting youth interested in politics (look where it got me, after all) and I think a better education and more involvement prior to being able to vote is the way to achieve that.

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