Thursday, November 1, 2012

Campaign Update: Erin Weir

The one release came out yesterday, but I found myself outside of a blogging mood, hence it being discussed today. Two things have come out from the Weir Campaign this week, firstly the release of their plan dealing with labour policy in Saskatchewan. Secondly, a much briefer, explanation on Erin's stance towards nuclear power and nuclear related issues.

Let's start with the labour laws. You can see a full link here: (LINK)

The first major pillar of the release was to draft legislation that would allow either the union or management to apply for interest binding arbitration after 90 days of a walk-out/strike. Erin cites the success of similar legislation in Manitoba as proof that this legislation is effective, and calls on his own experience working with
United Steelworkers in the province to secure arbitration.

Erin also called for 'anti-Scab' legislation; suggesting that preventing management from hiring replacement workers for 90 days provides extra incentive to bargain in good faith with the union.

Erin's policy also calls for a rollback to some of the measures that have been introduced by the SK Party since their first term in government. These measures include restoring card-based certification to recognize a union where a majority of employees choose to join it, prevent employers from intervening in an employee's decision to join a union, repeal the Essential Services Act and negotiate reasonable essential-service provisions, increase the minimum wage to $11 and index it to inflation, and set the minimum employment age at 16.

Erin would also establish a policy that would prevent contractors from undercutting wages negotiated through the Provincial Building and Construction Trades Council. He's also called for increased funding for the Ministry of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety, pledging to up the budget from $17 million to $34 million and to hire more safety inspectors, labour inspectors, and mediators.

That brings us to the quick release on nuclear issues, which you can view here: (LINK)

Erin's campaign has rejected the building of a nuclear reactor, and has announced that a more detailed plan on expanding green energy will be released in the future.

He's also rejected using Saskatchewan as a nuclear waste storage area, saying that the storage of waste is the problem of the communities that create the waste, not Saskatchewan's.

He's also reinstated his commitment to remove the Saskatchewan Resource Credit for uranium, and has called for an exposure on the SK Party's 'closed door' review of uranium royalties. Though, the most interesting part of the release is the announcement that the recent $30 million investment to the U of S for nuclear research should be shifted to research alternative renewable energy.

Erin has also been spending some time at the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour convention being held in Regina; though, I do believe all of the leadership candidates have made a stop by the convention or their rally outside of the legislature earlier today.

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