Sunday, November 4, 2012

Campaign Round-Up: Weekend Edition

So, let's look at what some of the campaigns got up to this weekend. Please note, this is just standard recapping. If you're looking for something in-depth, say regarding Erin's questioning of job numbers in Saskatchewan, use the label system to find the previous post regarding that.

We'll start with Cam Broten. Cam's campaign has been highlighting Cam's work in the legislature calling for a provincial Asbestos registry to protect workers. In addition to that, Cam's campaign had a "Bowling Night" Fundraiser on Saturday. The event was promoted as family friendly and politically neutral, as in no major speeches. Sadly, somehow I missed the timing of this event and wasn't able to attend (perhaps a reminder for me to check the Facebook pages of each campaign more regularly, as opposed to just the campaign websites), so I can't report much more about it.

Moving on to Erin Weir. Erin's campaign, along with all the other candidates as well, took some time out to drop by the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour convention that happened earlier this week in Regina. Erin's campaign has also been hammering home speaking points surrounding their latest questioning of Saskatchewan's jobs numbers and  has been promoting media (and blog coverage from folks such as myself) who have spoken to it further.

Ryan Meili's campaign has been somewhat focusing outside of the campaign, but at the same time raising Ryan's profile in general. Ryan appeared on CBC radio's "White Coat Black Art", a weekly medical show that goes "behind the scenes" in Canada's health care system, to talk about the Student Wellness Initiative Towards Community Health (SWITCH) here in Saskatoon. Ryan will also be taking the first couple of days in November to continue promoting his book, with a stop in New York City, as well as Halifax and St. John's.

Finally, Trent Wotherspoon spent Saturday night here in Saskatoon at a meet-and-greet organized by a local supporter. There was a good question and answer section, and some lively political discussion that lasted for the better part of the evening (A full recap of Saturday will be posted shortly). Trent returned to Regina for Sunday, where he spent the day meeting with First Nations leaders in and around Regina.

I suppose that is more or less it for this week's look back; as ever, if any of the campaigns are reading this and I've missed something, please let me know.

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