Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ryan Meili Campaign Update

Meili Campaign Update

Another day, another update on the campaigns. Most of the campaigns have gone ahead and sent out appeals for volunteers, and the Meili campaign has furthered their approach to democratic based policy creation.

As noted before, the Meili campaign has been actively reaching out to the electorate and asking them to submit their vision (to use the campaign's wording) to help build a "healthy society".

The most recent news release, or volunteer appeal in this case, from the Meili campaign has expanded on this idea and highlighted a little more of Ryan's approach to the leadership contest.

Effectively, the letter has revealed that Ryan is approaching the leadership position by being as inclusive as possible. The letter was quick to mention that Ryan will bring his own policy ideas to the table, but that "real leadership" comes from including and listening to ideas brought forward by others as well.

It is an interesting approach, and one that might indeed help the Meili campaign appeal to wider group of voters; after all, who doesn't like to feel involved in such a comprehensive way as policy development, but it's also a risky approach.

Risky because it might slow down the development of policy, which could leave Ryan looking as if he is scrambling to catch up, or worse, the creation of policies already endorsed by other candidates in the race. There's also the risk of alienating soft supporters, if their own personal policy plank doesn't make it past scrutinizing process.

That said, if the Meili campaign is quick with getting these proposals and putting them forward, it could become a leader in the policy race.

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