Friday, October 26, 2012

Campaign Update: Ryan Meili

As noted yesterday, Ryan Meili's campaign introduced their first policy release today. While I was not there in person to hear the announcement, I did receive a copy of the media release and shall use that to construct what was said and what the policy involves.

Also, for those of you in Saskatoon, Ryan's campaign is having a 'cocktails and policy' evening at the Two-Twenty on 20th St W starting at 5:00pm tonight (Oct. 26th).

Outlined as "From Boom to Bloom: Growing a Healthy Economy", Ryan laid out his approach to economic development and small business development for Saskatchewan's future. Effectively, Ryan framed his argument around the inter-connectivity of the economy and called for a focused attention on three pillars of designing a healthy economy: Nurture, Develop, and Produce.

Some specifics of his plan are as follows:

"Establish a legacy fund modeled off of Norway's, Denmark's, and Peter Lougheed's Alberta; the dividends of which would be used to endow long term education funding."

"Indexing the minimum wage to 120% of the Low Income Measure (a more accurate and up-to-date measure of poverty than the Low Income Cut-Off)"

"Conducting full reviews of both non-renewable resource royalty rates and corporate tax rates to ensure Saskatchewan residents are receiving fair value for their one-time resource windfall, and that companies are paying a fair share of Saskatchewan's infrastructure upkeep."

Ryan also added some policy developments towards small business, noting that a third of the Saskatchewan workforce are employed by small businesses and that broad brushstrokes towards all businesses does nothing to help small business development. With that in mind, Ryan proposed the following:

"A start-up bursary program for fledgling entrepreneurs to apply certified business training programs with a mentor-ship component"

"A change to Saskatchewan's Securities Act to accommodate recent innovations in crowdfunding platforms, in order to stimulate local investment in local start-ups."

Ryan's plan calls for a support for economic and community development together, as opposed to the current either or model.

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