Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Campaign Update: Cam Broten

Planet S Magazine: LINK

Cam Campaign Video: LINK

Building on his release last week about strengthening our democracy, Cam's campaign has been quick with sending out links bemoaning the status of our parliamentary democracy (specifically focused on Dalton McGuinty's decision to prorogue Queen's Bench in the wake of his resignation; though, I imagine a similar shot at BC Premier Christy Clark might be in store in the future).

In addition to promoting his release of last week, Cam's also been on the road and meeting with constituents; most notably in the Battlefords. Cam's campaign has also been using social media, such as YouTube, to get some of his endorsers to tell their own personal reasons for supporting Cam in the race.

In addition to all of that, for the third year in a row Cam has been selected as Saskatoon's Best MLA by Planet S Magazine (full list and some explanations behind the votes found at the link on the top of the post). While there may not be any quantitative factor for what makes Cam the 'best MLA', I think it speaks volumes to his character and his overall likeability by those who meet him. If anything, it should at least serve as a reminder to the other candidates that Cam's personality leaves a good mark with those he meets; and he's well placed to win a lot of support as he meets more and more people during the course of the campaign based on sheer personality alone.

Couple that with the already forged policies brought forward from his first day on the campaign, and it certainly puts Cam on good footing this early in the race.

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