Sunday, September 23, 2012

Slogans, Logos, and Thoughts: 2. Erin Weir

Erin Weir

Slogan: Principled, Pragmatic, Progressive

Initial Thoughts: As I mentioned in Cam's post, the leadership race is a little bogged down with similar campaign slogans. Cam and Erin both use the three word punch to get their slogan across, and both use the word principled. The two slogans differ the most in the last word, as Erin keeps to using P while Cam switches to R. Either way, one does worry that two similar enough slogans in the race might have a net effect of simply cancelling each other out.

Like Cam's slogan, however, Erin's approach likely stems from a hope to get people to further look into Erin's past work. So, it's yet another use of buzzwords designed to generate interest and make the voter do a little more research into the candidate outside of the campaign.

Though the main point of Erin's slogan is to impress his key values to an electorate who will not be as familiar with him as some of the others seeking the job; which I think is the main reason for the inclusion of the word "Progressive", as it's one of those words all New Democrats love to hear and makes us feel more at ease.


Now, this is where I might run into some trouble. Despite my perusing of the site, I haven't exactly identified a 'logo'. The best guess I have is the one below, which may or may not be the actual logo for the campaign. If it is not, then by all means, someone let me know and I'll update this section as needed.

Now, the commonality seems to be the use of a blue background and Erin's name in white text; either including the 'for Saskatchewan NDP Leader' footer or not. Now, as far as logos go, this approach is a pretty standard one. It gets the point across pretty quickly and doesn't beat around the bush with interpretative readings; which is inherently neither a good nor bad thing, just different.

Campaign Approach (Thus Far):

As one of two candidates without a seat in the legislature, Erin's approach has been about rising his profile as much as possible. Primarily, Erin's campaign has been playing the long media game and doing very well with that approach. It seems like since entering the race, Erin's name has popped up in the media every week with either a policy announcement or the announcement of a major event that Erin is involved in. Another part of this has been to keep his focus on Brad Wall, which in turn helps keep his campaign in the media.

Also, by focusing on Wall, Erin is setting himself up from the start as the man who is capable of going toe-to-toe with the Premier. The other campaigns have left Wall and the government mostly out of their campaigns, there are references but no direct challenges or call for action, and on that front Erin has staked out a territory that makes it appear he'll hit the ground running as leader.

Final Thoughts:

Like Cam's campaign, the slogan is only just alright. It may work at getting more people to do research into Erin's campaign, but the similarities to Cam's lead the odds that both slogans might just get lost along the noise of the campaign and not get paid much attention outside of these posts. The seeming lack of an actual logo is an interesting choice; especially if the foregoing of a logo is meant to show that Erin has more important concerns during the campaign then the creation of a logo.

Erin's campaign approach is solid and is definitely working at raising his profile in the province and even nationally, which is something that most of the other campaigns can't lay claim to. The only concern is that right now he is the main campaign taking on Wall; when the legislature is back in session, it's a guarantee that Cam and Trent will keep a lot of pressure on Wall and the government. As such, if Erin's campaign hasn't reached 'critical mass' for keeping pressure on Wall, there's a chance his campaign may just be another voice in the Wall crowd come the legislative sitting as opposed to the one that started the charge.

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