Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dissemination 4: Trent Wotherspoon

Source: Trent Wotherspoon Campaign Website

Trent's website at the moment is also a little bare-boned, but it's not surprising given that he and Ryan Meili are the two newcomers to the race at only a few days ago; so I imagine we'll see some growth and some expansion to the sites in the days ahead.

What we can take from Trent's website at the moment is that he's focusing on inclusion of people into the party, but also ensuring that people have access to their political representatives in general (through his condemnation of only special interests being able to reach the Premier's office, for example.)

He also seems to be calling for an approach to dealing with problems based on factual solutions, as opposed to ideological ones.

The biggest difference, if one can call it that, that I can see on Trent's site is his long list of endorsements from current and former Saskatchewan MLAs. With the exception of Erin Weir, Trent is the only other candidate who is putting an emphasis on the list of people who have endorsed him for the top job. (Cam's campaign mentions the two current and former MLAs who were with him when he announced, but there is no dedicated list of endorsements; and Dr. Meili's campaign seems to be pushing for an open endorsement page, where anyone can sign on [like a guestbook] as a show of support, as opposed to an actual endorsement page.)

So, much like the Meili campaign, we'll have to sit back for a moment and wait for some of Trent's campaign platform planks to make their way to the forefront.

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