Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dissemination 3: Ryan Meili

 Source: Ryan Meili Campaign Website

As it stands, the Meili campaign website is a little bare-bones at the moment. As such, this will likely be the briefest of the 4 dissemination posts. However, I do look forward to adding more information as it is received.

Effectively, at the moment, there are no real campaign announcements or platform policies on the website at the moment. As such, there's little to discuss right now.

However, and the philosopher in me loves this, the website currently talks more about how the Meili campaign will be approaching the leadership race and to a degree how Dr. Meili would serve as a leader and the thoughts behind his decision making process.

Primarily, the Meili campaign has announced that it will be seeking 'innovative ways for developing progressive, practical, innovative and evidence-based policy ideas geared towards building a healthy society.' On the face of it, it seems that Dr. Meili is taking an open approach and waiting to see what some of his supporters are calling for before making any substantial policy announcements.

The major development on the website, at the time of this posting, was the call for evidence based politics. Dr. Meili condemns the current political system as one where ideology and popularity are decision makers are opposed to what is the best course of action and what is supported by fact.

With that as a guiding point for his campaign, it should be interesting to see what policy developments come out in the weeks ahead.

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