Friday, September 14, 2012

And Then There Were Four

Well, talk about a busy afternoon, or rather perhaps more accurately mid-morning.

As of today, Dr. Ryan Meili and current Regina Rosemont MLA Trent Wotherspoon have thrown their hats into the race for leader of the Saskatchewan NDP.

So, that brings us four: (in alphabetical order by last name):
Cam Broten, MLA Saskatoon Massey Place
Ryan Meili, Physician
Erin Weir, Economist
Trent Wotherspoon, MLA Regina Rosemont

It seems more than likely that this will be where the entrances stop; though, I'm not ruling it out. In April or so, we heard musings from Saskatoon Nutana MLA Cathy Sproule that she would be mulling over a decision to run or not, and as of yet, I don't believe we've heard a firm answer either way. There's also always the off chance that another non-MLA candidate could step forward in the weeks ahead.

Either way, as most of the candidates have said themselves, we've got a strong slate of candidates and it's going to be interesting hearing from them all and about their visions for the province and the party in the months ahead.

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