Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain

Source: National Post: Robocalls: Who is Rick McKnight?

An interesting story, that so far the main-stream media has left alone; I'd like to imagine that it's to do some fact checking and further digging into the issue, but who knows.

This isn't a smoking gun by far, but it does raise questions about the leadership structure at RackNine; not to mention some serious questions about CEO Matt Meier. After all, unless he's the true identity behind McKnight, then why is a CEO letting an employee have a false name and false title?

There's a myriad of problems behind this, but only one of them is related to the Robocalls: If a company is actively having employees using alternative identities online and in business practice, what does that mean for the people who hire them?

If anything, this shows more or less that RackNine is a company that doesn't seem to care too much about reality and lacks the oversight necessary to ensure that its customers are using their services in legal ways. After all, if they let an employee provide a false name with no oversight, then it would stand to reason that they would have no problem in letting a contract be tendered to a false named purchaser.

That's the only point I have to mention on this story, as others have talked about it in a better way than I could. I feel like the blog has slowed down slightly, but with two budgets (provincial and federal) and the NDP Leadership race coming, I think that will change in the weeks ahead.

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