Monday, April 4, 2011

Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow...

I had a flash of naming this post 'Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Harper Will Love Us Tomorrow..." but that seemed a little too corny, even by my standards.

On a day when the Liberals have released a full party platform, at least for two years of what they would do if elected, Stephen Harper continues to tell Canadians about the tax credits he will offer us...if elected, and once the books are balanced, which they say will happen in 2015.

Given that Harper and Company continue to offer Canadians incentives to vote for them, that won't affect anyone until the books are balanced (which according to Canadian history, suggests won't happen until the next Liberal Government), why would anyone consider voting for them?

And with these little snippets, where is the full Conservative Platform?

In the 2008 Election, the Conservatives pulled the election gun and closed down Parliament in the hopes of forming a majority government in the face of the weakened and unpopular Dion Liberals. Yet despite being the party to know that the election was coming, the party was the last to release their full platform.

Furthermore, the Conservatives released their platform with essentially days left in the election campaign. As such, are Canadians going to see a platform from the Conservatives in this election introduced the way it was in the last?

Many have speculated that the Conservatives will likely take the budget (which Conservative supporters called 'defeated' even though it never came to a vote in the House of Commons) and use that to create the Conservative platform for this election.

However, there are two significant problems with that assumption.

1.) All of the tax breaks and ideas that have been put forward by Harper thus far were not found in the budget that the Conservatives put forward before the government fell.

2.) The budget made concessions to the NDP, hoping to woo them into supporting the budget (though those concessions were barely concessions), and no doubt the Conservatives are looking for ways to roll back those concessions without chasing off the voters that would be impacted; namely seniors.

As such, in my humble opinion, I think the Conservatives are looking at the budget they created and trying to modify it but also weasel out of the programs and spending measure that they didn't want to engage in in the first place.

Conservatives have talked about the way the budget would have benefited senior citizens through guaranteed income supplement payments; but will that survive into the Conservative Party platform, given that it was one concession for the NDP?

Effectively, I think when the Conservatives do release their platform we're going to see a redacted version of the budget with a large number of social spending programs cut from it; or reduced to the point of being mostly useless.

Or else the Conservatives will take a lesson from this campaign and keep those NDP concessions but place future date tags on them, allowing them to tell seniors they will do something for them eventually, some day, maybe.

Canadians need to wake up to the actions of this government and of this party. Not all is well in Canada at the moment, and the Harper Tories have done nothing to help the situation, in fact their reckless spending have only made things worse.

Remember: The Harper Government denied the possibility of a recession; they denied a recession could happen in Canada; they balked at the idea of stimulus spending; and they bowed to pressure from the opposition to acknowledge that Canada was going through harsh economic times.

Had there been a Harper majority, who knows what state Canada's finances would be in right now.

What I'm saying, is that Canadians need to elect a government who has their best interests at heart. We need a government who will do things to improve the lives of average Canadians, and not shrug off that responsibility to a later date.

Canadians need to demand a government that deals with our concerns now; instead of being pandered to Stephen Harper and his belief that 'Tomorrow is only a day away.'

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