Wednesday, September 24, 2008

First Post of the Blog

Hello fellow Canadians, or random people from various countries who have stumbled across this blog.

Over the course of time I'll be adding numerous postings here on political viewpoints, opinions, thoughts, and perhaps even some suggestions as I respond to various political events that occur on both a provincial and federal level.

Due to the high number of events that occur within this vast country of ours, I'm sure that there will be events that I miss or fail to comment on. As such, for the interest of time and coverage, I will only be focusing on political events here within Saskatchewan, as well as Federal events when they occur.

First and foremost, I am a student who is currently finishing his last year of earning a political science degree with a minor in philosophy. As such, I like to think that I do indeed have some insight into political issues.

Secondly, I will admit that I exist on the left side of the political spectrum. As such, everything on this blog will be viewed from a centre-left/left of centre position. If you've come looking for a right/centre-right opinion, I'm afraid you've found the wrong place. So, now that the welcomes are out of the way, we shall be moving along to the first post of this new blog.

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